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Find me a 'Twilight!'

As Hollywood scrambles for more hit franchises, studios are placing big bets on a handful of young-adult series

Twilight was like capturing lightning in a bottle,” says writer-director Richard LaGravenese. Like many others in Hollywood, he’s looking to capture a spark of his own — he’s currently adapting Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s Beautiful Creatures for Warner Bros. Even Summit Entertainment, which makes the hit movies about Bella and Edward, never stops trying to repeat its success: ”We’ve had to remember what it felt like to read Twilight,” says Summit’s president of production and acquisitions, Erik Feig. ”It was intoxicating.” Here’s a look at the 10 series the studios are swooning over.

Beautiful Creatures
Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Warner Bros.
”It’s just a wonderful world,” says LaGravenese of the South Carolina-set Southern gothic series revolving around high schooler Ethan Wate, who falls in love with a girl who appears in his dreams. ”It takes place in a small town where nothing ever happens that’s hiding the secrets of the supernatural.” He adds, ”When [these books] are done well, they become iconic. When they aren’t, they seem derivative and cheesy.” Little, Brown, which has published the first two books in the five-book series, will bring out the third in October.

City of Bones
Cassandra Clare
Screen Gems
Some industry insiders see Clare’s Mortal Instruments series as the most likely to inherit the Twilight mantle. ”I think that’s the really big one. It’s got the biggest fan base online from our experience,” says Breanne Heldman, senior editor at MTV’s NextMovie. City of Bones, the first in a planned six-book series, shares some of the ingredients that helped Twilight become a hit, like an Everygirl heroine, Clary — to be played by Lily Collins — who learns about the supernatural from a most appealing boy. ”Jace, the male character — he’s very Edward,” says Heldman, ”but with more attitude.” Simon & Schuster has published four Mortal Instruments books; the fifth hasn’t been scheduled.

Lauren Oliver
Fox 2000
It’s a busy time for Oliver: Fox has optioned both her novel Before I Fall and Delirium, the first volume in a trilogy about a world where love has been banned. ”It’s like orchestrating the world’s largest soufflé,” says Oliver of the process. ”My readers send me full cast lists every other day for both Before I Fall and Delirium, with pictures attached. I recently forwarded one to my producer and was like, ‘Look, we already have the cast, all you need is the script and the director.’ ” HarperCollins plans to release Pandemonium, the second book in the series, in March 2012.

Veronica Roth
Summit Entertainment
Roth was in college when she wrote the first book in this trilogy, set in a dystopian Chicago. Summit’s Feig calls the book’s romance — between a teenager and a slightly older bad boy — ”a winning combination.” Divergent came out earlier this month; HarperCollins will publish the second volume in May 2012.