Rick Rowell/ABC
Mandi Bierly
May 23, 2011 AT 06:10 PM EDT

The seventh edition of The Bachelorette premieres tonight (ABC, 9 p.m. ET), and we’ll find out if aspiring dentist Ashley Hebert, who let her mind get in the way of her heart when vying for Brad Womack, can find a husband among the 25 men producers have selected for herEntertainment Weekly executive editor Kristen Baldwin will return with her weekly recap, while host Chris Harrison is back with his weekly blog. While we await their expert analysis, here’s what I anticipate judging from the early promos:

• A lot of skin. These men are so cut, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to remove their shirts during casting. (Question for Harrison!)

• A lot of needless drama. If producers really wanted to make sure all contestants were on the show for the right reason (to find love), they could. If he says, “I’m gonna win,” he’s not. Look out for a man named Bentley. Ashley heard from a fellow Bachelor alum who’s friendly with his ex-wife that he’s supposedly there to promote his business. Ashley chooses not to ask him about it directly, but instead trust the sincere vibe he’s not giving off. In the second clip embedded below, he explains that he already knows it won’t work, that he could care less, and that maybe he would feel differently if Emily Maynard were the Bachelorette. I hope he gets kneed in the nuts at some point.

• A lot of booze. In the web exclusive clip below, we see contestant Tim is rendered incoherent for his first sit-down chat with Ashley and eventually passes out. You can judge him. As someone who has to have at least two mojitos in her to make it through this show, I shouldn’t. 

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