Aly Semigran
May 23, 2011 AT 07:50 PM EDT

This video compilation of Rob Lowe’s super energetic character Chris Traeger saying “literally” on Parks and Recreation is, well, literally, the best thing to happen on the Internet today. If you’re already going through Parks and Rec withdrawal much like I am (the microchip has been compromised!), then this best-of tribute to Chris — including his unique way of greeting people (point directly at them, repeat their full name) — ought to perk you up faster than a trip to Grain N’ Simple.

Some of Traeger’s “literal” (sometimes pronounced “litch-rully”) musings:

“Pawnee is literally the greatest town in the country.”

“I can literally see my face in my shoes.” (After receiving a top-notch shoe shine from Andy Dwyer)

“That literally was the most moving thing I’ve ever heard.” (After Leslie Knope’s stirring pitch for the Harvest Festival)

Despite your unfair rules about dating in the work place, we miss you Chris Traeger. Literally.

What’s your favorite Chris Traeger moment, PopWatchers?

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