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Want to be Justin Bieber's Obsession? Wear his new perfume.

Hurry, girls! If you wear Someday, Justin Bieber’s new Fan Exclusive eau de parfum, he might kiss your neck, he might give you the key to his heart, he might give you a piggy-back ride. And he will never let go. I’d like to say more, but I can’t compete with the fragrance’s marketing pitch:

“Someday by Justin Bieber is more than just a fragrance: it’s energy with a state-of-mind that inspires. It is a personal gift straight from his heart, giving fans a chance to get one step closer to Justin. It’s a fragrance he can’t get enough of and can’t stay away from, making those who wear it irresistible.”

Watch the commercial below, and decide whether it captures the magic of the old Obsession ads or if it makes you want to bite into a York Peppermint Pattie.

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Someday, which goes on sale June 20, costs $45, but proceeds are going to charity.

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