Kate Ward
June 03, 2011 AT 12:45 PM EDT

On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night, Jason Sudeikis appeared to talk about the MTV Movie Awards, basketball, and everyone’s favorite pint-sized subject, Justin Bieber. Talking about their respective experiences playing in the NBA All-Star celebrity game — which saw Sudeikis teamed up with “four NBA legends and Common” and Kimmel with Bieber himself — the duo discussed the surprising strength of the “Baby” singer. “He turned out to be the MVP,” Kimmel said. (Of course — it takes a lot of arm muscle to hold up the hair dryer for that long.)

Sudeikis, however, delivered the real zinger of the evening: “I didn’t even know it was [Bieber] for the first two quarters,” he told Kimmel. “I thought it was a make-a-wish situation.” Harsh? Yes. But it’s proof that Sudeikis (who jokingly claimed he’s prepared 4,000 Twilight jokes) will be anything but gentle hosting Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. A good sign, if you ask me — it’s been too long since Ricky Gervais shook up Hollywood awards shows. Watch a clip from the interview embedded after the jump.

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