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Aly Semigran
June 03, 2011 AT 09:30 PM EDT

It’s been three long years since the hilarious late night battle royale between Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien, (Coco had another decidedly less funny war he had to conquer since then) but that doesn’t mean there isn’t another round of TV-host terrorizing on the verge of erupting.

It seems Jimmy Fallon will be next to square off against the two Comedy Central comics, at least if he continues to irk Emmy’s reigning king Stewart and his current (well, at least until September 3) BFF Colbert. The Colbert Report host more or less declared war, accusing Fallon of continuing to ride his coattails.

In the countdown to Emmy (just 108 days to go!) Colbert pointed out that it is he who most desires the “electroplated hand of a goddess siren of prime-time achievement,” and that Fallon has some nerve by running against him. Even worse, in the for-your-consideration package for Emmy voters, Fallon used a picture of the now-classic episode in which he and Colbert sang Rebecca Black’s “Friday” together. A hurt, bewildered Stephen could only cry, “Jimmy, how could you?!”

We can’t wait to see what Colbert’s first real strike against Fallon will be (besides, hopefully, more Taxi zingers) and if Stewart will join him in his plight. All we can say is, bring it on.

Are you on Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert’s side, PopWatchers? Let loose in the comments section!

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