Darren Franich
June 03, 2011 AT 07:40 PM EDT

Remember that wacky Final Fantasy movie, where one of the main characters looked exactly like Ben Affleck but was voiced by Alec Baldwin? There’s a similar cognitive dissonance at work in the trailer for 2012’s Tomb Raider videogame reboot, in which the iconic Lara Croft gets de-aged. (Muppet Babies-style preboots are so hot right now.) Young Croft sounds strikingly like Keira Knightley… but her face looks exactly like Natalie Portman. (Of course, Knightley used to look so much like Portman that she played her double in The Phantom Menace. Ow, my brain!)

At least, I thought she looked like Natalie Portman. Portmanologist Adam Markovitz says I’m crazy, and claims the new Croft is a dead ringer for Lacey Chabert. Meanwhile, Photo Editor/Facial Recognition Expert Connie Yu thinks she’s a digital clone of Jessica Biel. Rorschach alert! PopWatchers, which of us is right? Watch the trailer and decided for yourself:

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