Jeff Jensen
June 05, 2011 AT 11:55 PM EDT

Just when I was starting to lose faith in The Killing, AMC’s murder mystery saga slayed me anew with a strong episode last week. Meeting Belko’s seedy (prostitute?) mother and visiting the scarred man-child’s bedroom, with the photos of Rosie Larsen taped to the ceiling above his bed (shudder), were great moments, as was Linden and Holder’s interrogation of Belko.  Linden got a big clue in the final moments when she connected a note found in Rosie’s Koran to the name of a ferry boat. She took a ride and saw a sign for The Wapi Eagle Casino, whose logo matched the key chain that was found on Rosie the night she was murdered. (Is there also a link to Rosie’s arty-moody super-8 film? There’s a shot from a ferry. And is that the Wapi Eagle Casino logo reflected in the rippling water?) In general, I am glad that the drama has finally moved past listless (and now near lifeless) Bennet Ahmed. And I hope the show is done with ridiculous twists/cheats like Rosie’s Grand Canyon T-shirt.

I have friends who are convinced that Darren Richmond is the killer. I’m not so sure myself, though I do wonder if the embattled, ethically dubious mayoral candidate had an unseemly romantic relationship – or (ugh) tried to force one – with the attractive, idealistic Rosie. Last week, Jamie and Gwen discovered video footage showing Darren and Rosie shaking hands at a campaign event, but it’s hardly evidence of amorous malfeasance. Before I indict Darren, I want to know more about Rosie’s Aunt Terry and her connection to Michael Ames, a wealthy, powerful real estate mini-mogul (is he connected to the Wapi Eagle casino project?) and father to Rosie’s one-time boyfriend Jasper.

Until then, I think Jamie or Gwen is the killer. I suspect that for one these two Richmond aides, the “discovery” of that Darren-Rosie video was no “surprise.” I think something naughty went down between Richmond and Rosie, and Jamie or Gwen found out about it and decided to rub out Rosie to neutralize the potential for scandal. Or maybe one of them – most likely Gwen, who is also Darren’s lover — felt so furiously betrayed by Richmond’s skeevy liaison with a high school girl that he or (more likely) she murdered Rosie in hopes of tarnishing Darren and ruining his political career.

We shall see. Post your own theories below, as well as your reactions to tonight’s episode. Our weekly “Clue Tracker” recap will be delayed this week – unless Mr. DirecTV Repairman can get here fast enough tonight to get my dish working again. Sorry.


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