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Sandra Gonzalez
June 07, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

PopWatch recently pondered the unfortunate absence of dear Prince Poppycock from our everyday lives, but thankfully, not one to deny his loyal poppies, the avant-garde performer himself called up EW to fill us in on his happenings.

Since making it to the finals of America’s Got Talent last year, John Andrew Quale (the man behind the Poppy) says not only has he been playing big gigs, but he has been able to quit the two jobs that once supported him (one of which was at a jewelry store, although, he jokes, they called it a “metal shop because ‘jewelry’ was too glamorous”). Now he’s getting ready to perform a series of summer concerts, he’s working on an album, and he’s in the planning stages of putting together a show, tentatively titled Prince Poppycock: His Royal Nonsense, which would tell the history of royalty.

“It would pop throughout the world and through time to briefly show a history of royalty through song, dance, and sketch — and possibly variety acts as well,” he says. “But it’s taking a little while to get the right team together to be able to produce that.”

And although his dreams are currently as extravagant as his stage acts, he admits that the ride since Talent hasn’t been completely smooth. “Since my act is quite unusual, I think I’m in the position where I have to prove myself at every step. I wasn’t offered a record contract like other contestants were because I’m not a traditional artist. But I feel like my act is going to have some legs to it. I feel like I’m at the beginning now and forging my career starting now…. This summer is going to be very exciting.”

The ultimate goal is to take his act to Las Vegas, as many fans have suggested. “I love Las Vegas. I always have. I’m definitely open to the possibility of a Vegas show, it just hasn’t come my way yet. But I think that putting together a show and doing short residencies [is the plan]. Vegas is the destination — the end goal, not really the starting location for me. You can’t start out at the World Series.”

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