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Sandra Gonzalez
June 07, 2011 AT 01:00 PM EDT

It’s another week of EW’s summer movie burning questions. This week: X-Men: First Class. If you have some, don’t be shy! Ask away!

Professor X is clearly British in the movie, but he grew up in Westchester (where the mansion is located). Explain. – H.B.

Professor X is American in the comic books (born and raised in NYC), but it’s known — as shown in the movie — that he attended Oxford. My first theory? The Professor might have the power of mind control, but perhaps he can’t control his own accent. It happens to me all the time when I’m around British people; I’m bloody influential, old bean. Theory No. 2: Remember that episode of Friends when Ross turned British for his graduate class? Yes, Professor X might, in fact, just be trying to sound smarter and more interesting. It’s working. But honestly, I posed this question to professor of comic books, Darren Franich, who brings us theory No. 3: “I think he’s supposed to have one of those mid-20th century upper-class American accents, like FDR. Fun fact: It’s referred to as ‘Mid-Atlantic’.” That wasn’t a “fun fact” at all, Professor D, but certainly helpful. As I hope this answer was to you, H.B. Bonus mini-poll: 

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Is the human lady also in that movie about bridesmaids? – my mom

Yes, mom. And the movie you would be referring to is, in fact, called Bridesmaids. But Rose Byrne wasn’t the only familiar face that threw me for a loop while watching the movie. (I had about ten minutes of: “I just saw her in something!”) I also had to do a double take whenever Hank (young Beast) was on screen because I knew his face from somewhere I couldn’t quite pin down. Since I’m relatively unfamiliar with the British version of Skins, I hadn’t realized that Beast was Nicholas Hoult, a.k.a. Marcus from About A Boy, which just so happens to be only movie in my DVD collection of which I own in both the widescreen and regular versions (on two separate discs). Also, did I spy Seely Booth’s brother (Brendan Fehr) on board one of the American ships in the final battle? Small world.

We just saw it! Fantastic! Will there be another? #yespleasemayIhaveanother — @BaBricken

No word. I hope so. #MoreMcAvoyPlease

The butterfly chick was rather lame. Did she get screwed in the powers department? – Daniel

A little bit. In the comics, Angel’s spit is acidic, which is pretty cool. But in the movie, we only see her flutter around and spit a few fireballs, which compared to the rest, is pretty lame. It sort of reminded me of when the Griffins got superpowers on Family Guy. She’s Meg. And since filmmakers went to the effort to poke around the X-Men timeline to find these mutants, you’d think they’d pick the most interesting ones. Oh, well. She was better than the Fembot.

January Jones’ white, bosom-tastic outfit looks extremely familiar. Have I seen that somewhere before? — Sandra’s mind during the movie

EW’s Kate Ward: Yes; in Austin Powers on Elizabeth Hurley. In black.

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