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Lynette Rice
June 07, 2011 AT 09:38 PM EDT

Other than his response to Ashton Kutcher’s hire on Two and a Half Men, we haven’t heard much from Charlie Sheen and what his plans are now that he’s not returning to CBS this fall. But that doesn’t mean the 45-year-old actor isn’t looking to make a major life change: Sheen has listed his 7,924-square-foot house in Beverly Hills for $7.2 million.

Up until a year ago, the public wasn’t familiar with Sheen’s Mediterranean-style mansion with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a spa. But then a certain porn star (or two, or three) came over to his place to party and suddenly his home in a hilltop gated community became a huge source of intrigue, especially since he ended up using it as his personal rehabilitation facility — a.k.a. Sober Valley Lodge — rather than leaving Los Angeles to seek help at a reputable treatment center.

But why is he selling? The house definitely has its share of bad mojo (see: the above paragraph) but there could be more important reasons to warrant a sale. Sheen’s lifestyle doesn’t come cheap; on top of the private jets, high-priced companions, and his other extracurricular activities, the actor still pays a reported $1.3 million combined to support his two ex-wives and four small children. He may have worked as the highest paid sitcom star in TV by raking in $2 million an episode, but that salary is now gone. And his multi-city road show this spring was a short-lived, and no doubt a relatively meager source of income.

In fact, when CNN’s Piers Morgan interviewed Sheen in February about all the money he has made on Two and a Half Men, he replied, “Doesn’t mean I save any. Save schmave.” The quote was mentioned in a profile about Sheen in Vanity Fair, which also claimed the actor attempted to collect a $1 million fee for agreeing to do the story (he never got it).

Still, there’s a good chance the home sale is not about generating fast cash. Even if Sheen dumped the pricey mansion, he still owns several throughout the Los Angeles area, according to reports. And though he may have lost his $2 million per episode salary on TV’s most-watched sitcom, he still collects upwards of $500,000 per episode for residuals.

He may not even remain unemployed for that long. One high-powered suit at the Big Three net told EW that he would absolutely develop a comedy with Sheen if he cleaned up his act. And why not? The public did like him at one time: A Harris Poll earlier this year listed Sheen as the sixth most popular TV actor (CBS star Mark Harmon is No. 1). Then again, Sheen may not even need to come back to TV to make a living: TMZ just reported that a social network called EstablishedMen.com offered Sheen $3 million to endorse the sugar daddy website.

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