Hillary Busis
June 07, 2011 AT 05:25 PM EDT

What has Katie Couric been up to since her stint on the CBS Evening News came to an end last month? Well, as the TV vet told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Monday, she’s been helping her daughter study for her final exams, discovering the wonders of tequila and karaoke, and getting ready for her next project: an Oprah-esque daytime talk show for ABC. But because anyone interviewing Couric is legally obligated to bring up Sarah Palin, Leno also took a few moments to ask the former anchor whether she thinks Palin’s going to actually run for president in 2012.

“You know, I think that’s anyone’s guess,” Couric answered. “Sometimes, she’ll retreat for awhile and then she’ll pop back up. I think she’s really fascinating. She’s really polarizing — I think even people who don’t like her are fascinated by her. They’re almost motivated by their dislike of her.”

Fair enough! But what does Couric think of Donald “I Will Not Seek The Presidency” Trump, who recently said that he might actually run for president after all? (Sigh.) “Because I live in New York, and I’ve seen Donald at various events, you know, he actually can be a very, very nice person with a good heart,” said Couric. “But I think he was just acting like a jackass for awhile, don’t you?”

And suddenly, we’re a lot more excited about Couric’s new show. Is it 2012 yet? Watch a clip of her Tonight Show interview yourself below.

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