Annie Barrett
June 08, 2011 AT 05:00 PM EDT

Tuesday night, the question on everyone (including PopWatch‘s) mind was How will Jon Stewart cover that Weiner? Would the Daily Show host continue to go easy on his good friend Rep. Anthony Weiner, who admitted in a press conference Tuesday afternoon that he had posted a picture of a part of his own anatomy to Twitter and engaged in “inappropriate” online communications with at least six other women? After all, some outlets had criticized the host for his tame treatment of the scandal. After Monday’s Daily Show, EW’s own Ken Tucker thought Stewart’s loyalty to his friend was classy, but didn’t like that taking the bullet for his friend made him really unload on John Edwards. As Ken said, “Edwards became a way for Stewart to reassert his fearless-honesty cred while sidling around what he invariably referred to as ‘Anthony Weiner’s c—.'”

But! At the top of Tuesday’s Daily Show, Stewart staged his own press conference, apologized for wussing out, then “resigned” and stepped aside so that dirty Brit John Oliver could take over as host. But the genius in this is that Stewart cut his hand pretty badly while preparing a frozen margarita. Is that strawberry flavoring in there, or are you just bleeding out, man? UPDATE: He was bleeding out! A Comedy Central rep confirms that the host got six stitches in his hand following the taping. Video after the jump.

So basically: Jon Stewart apologized, soaked his hand in a delicious blood concoction, and is “TOO LAZY TO WRITE JOKES AFTER 5.” Best wishes to his “beautiful and exotic family” during these trying, finger-healing times.

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