Darren Franich
June 08, 2011 AT 07:05 PM EDT

Star Trek has a shaky history in the videogame world. For every underrated gem — like the great Macintosh graphic adventure Judgment Rites — there’s a whole host of lame Trek games with interchangeable names like Armada or Legacy or New Worlds. But today, Paramount unveiled the first trailer for a 2012 Trek game, based on the rebooted universe of J. J. Abrams’ 2009 film, and the game looks pretty cool, allowing you to play in co-op mode as either Kirk or Spock. With lots of zero-g floating and phaser battles in dark starship hallways, the game looks a little bit like Dead Space and Mass Effect — both of which are very good things. But the trailer also forces you to ask yourself: Would you rather play as the dynamo Enterprise captain, or as his cooler-than-ice second office? Check out the video and vote in our poll.

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