Lynette Rice
June 08, 2011 AT 06:25 PM EDT

Because we can barely contain ourselves about the upcoming Torchwood, here’s another teaser from Starz that serves as a walk-up to Miracle Day, which will premiere on July 8. It features the character of Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman) talking about what “miracle day” means to him.

Here is the official Starz description of Oswald: “Well-educated and a former school teacher, Oswald’s a convicted child killer, both guilty and unrepentant.But when Oswald survives his own execution, he’s given a whole new life. The most infamous man in the world, he becomes the most provocative figure in modern media. He’s a flare, reviled yet mesmerizing, whose very existence embodies how the world changed on Miracle Day.”

And here’s our description of Pullman: Freakin’ awesome.

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