Lynette Rice
June 10, 2011 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Where we left off The last time we saw Sookie (Anna Paquin), she was following a Tinker Bell type to fairyland to escape her life with the deceptive Bill (Stephen Moyer) and equally frustrating Eric (Alexander Skarsgård). But the trip serves another purpose. ”She’s going to learn a lot about what it means to be an actual fairy,” explains exec producer Alan Ball. ”It may not be as positive as one might think.”

What happens next The folks of Bon Temps, La., are about to meet a new troublemaker by the name of Marnie (Harry Potter‘s Fiona Shaw), a Wiccan who seems harmless — until an evil 17th-century witch takes over her body. But bedknobs and broomsticks aside, the big question remains, is Sookie finally gonna get it on with the spectacularly yummy Eric or what? ”There’s something about him that is incredibly alluring because he doesn’t give a s—,” admits Paquin. ”She’s had these fantasies, which is setting us up for a lot of things that I cannot go into!”

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