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Mandi Bierly
June 11, 2011 AT 05:00 PM EDT

Talking with EW about J.J. Abrams’ Super 8, producer Steven Spielberg said, “The thing that impressed me more than anything is this troupe of kids, who have such an original voice and are so unique in their passions for making movies…. I root for these kids from the beginning, right to the very end.” Having kids who are fully-formed characters is what makes movies like E.T.The Goonies, and now Super 8 so special. The six at the center of Super 8 receive different amounts of screen time, but because of their distinct personalities, I’m betting they’re each someone’s favorite. Let’s put it to a vote below. 

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SPOILER ALERT! For me, it’s a difficult choice: I relate both to lovestruck and loyal Joe, who finds comfort in the world of make-believe when he needs it most, and obsessive Charles, who takes his entertainment seriously and is easily, comically flustered. I’m also a sucker for Martin’s amusing cluelessness (and vomiting skills) and Cary’s misguided appreciation for fire and explosions and total commitment to being the zombie in the zombie film. Tough girl Alice’s surprisingly good acting skills, particularly during the train station rehearsal, are beautifully disarming, but I think that’d be a vote more for Elle Fanning than Alice. Preston’s reaction to Alice in that scene as the extra on the phone (and his performance as the president), combined with his non-annoying know-it-allness, makes him a contender. I wish we’d gotten to see his bedroom. I’d like to know the things he’s into.

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