Brad Wete
June 14, 2011 AT 09:48 PM EDT

For a group that refuses to be boxed into a genre of any sort, Odd Future sure seems to love horrorcore imagery.

In the video for “64,” Odd Future subsidiary Mellowhype’s new single, the duo takes us to church. But not as we know it—making it a haven for zombies, snakes, and talking corpses.

Sure, the clip is straightforward hip hop first. But one viewing reveals some pretty obvious references to the horrorcore genre.

Cat eye contact lenses? Check. Crawling zombie girl in a nightgown? Present. Evil pastor? He’s there. Not to mention the snakes slithering over Hodgy Beats and his biblical references (“My bedroom’s Jerusalem/ And I’m Judas”). Check it out:

It’s like a combination of the Geto Boys’ “My Mind’s Play Tricks on Me,” the Gravediggaz “Diary of a Madman,” and just about all of Marilyn Manson’s videos. What do you make of Mellowhype’s latest?

Their debut album Blackenedwhite comes out July 12. Looking forward to buying it? Let us know.

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