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Jeff Labrecque
June 15, 2011 AT 09:15 PM EDT

In Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, a frustrated screenwriter discovers some magic in the city’s 1920s past. But beginning in September, tourists in the City of Light can step into a very different auteur’s mind. David Lynch is opening Club Silencio, a restaurant based on the bizarre club in his 2001 thriller, Mulholland Drive, and the enigmatic director is taking a special interest in designing the interior of what will be a bar, concert hall, art library, and screening room. I assume there will be no band, but I’d expect the unexpected from an evening at Silencio. I’d make sure I knew where the exits were at all times, and if I should find a mysterious blue box in my jacket pocket, I’m gone!

But I like the idea of a nightclub evoking the mood of a film, especially one as alluring as Mulholland Drive. It might not be for everyone, though, which I’m sure Lynch and his business partners would take as a compliment. But is there another movie that would inspire the perfect nightclub for your tastes? I once sampled a Clockwork Orange-inspired Milk Bar in lower Manhattan with some droogies, and that left quite an impression. Certainly, slurping a $5 shake in a booth that’s shaped to look like a 1950s Caddy, like the one from Jack Rabbit Slims in Pulp Fiction holds some appeal. What movie hotspot would you like to see open in your neighborhood?

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