Darren Franich
June 15, 2011 AT 03:35 PM EDT

If you’re a classicist, you could say that Pandora has officially opened her box. If you’re a music snob, you could say that Pandora has officially sold out (in which case: Get a job, hippie). Either way, the fact remains that Pandora Media Inc., one of the leading online radio companies — which runs off a system called the Music Genome Project — has gone public. And, according to Bloomberg, stock prices are soaring: The company rose from $7.26 to $23.26 as of 10:01 ET. Pause for a moment to picture Pandora founder Tim Westergren taking a break from being influential to dive around in his money like a porpoise, burrow through his money like a gopher, and then toss his money up and let it hit him in the head.

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