Clark Collis
June 16, 2011 AT 04:25 PM EDT

I once got mugged in South London and all I got was, well, less money. Tintin co-writer and cult U.K. broadcaster Joe Cornish suffered a similar fate some years back and got the idea for his directorial debut, Attack the Block, a monster movie in which a gang of muggers and their victim band together to fight off an alien invasion. The John Carpenter-homaging horror-comedy has already proven a hit in Britain, won the Midnight Feature award at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, and was very warmly received by the capacity crowd I saw it with last month when the film screened in New York. This week, it was announced that the movie is being released July 29 (although impatient West Coast horror fans can catch the movie at the L.A. Film Fest on June 22).

There’s also a new red-band trailer that you can check out below and which contains what I suspect will turn out to be my favorite big screen dialog exchange of 2011: “What kinda alien would invade some s—ty council estate in South London?” “One that’s looking for a fight.”

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