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'Footloose' remake: Watch the trailer here!

Step one: Kick off your Sunday shoes. (Seriously. It’s Wednesday. They’re starting to smell.) Step 2: Watch the brand-new trailer for Paramount’s Footloose remake (below), starring Kenny Wormald (Center Stage: Turn It Up) as rug-cutting bad boy Ren, the role made famous by Kevin Bacon in the 1984 original. The basic story looks the same, with Ren falling for a preacher’s daughter (Dancing with the Stars’ Julianne Hough) while tussling with her overbearing dad (Dennis Quaid) over their town’s anti-dancing law. And there’s even a new version of the famous, high-flying warehouse dance scene. But crunk dancing? Ren’s Kennedy accent? Both new, for sure. And it looks like Wormald is officially trying to out-floof Kevin Bacon’s legendary cowlick. Brave move, Ken. Check out the full trailer below!

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