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Kyle Anderson
June 24, 2011 AT 12:15 PM EDT

Justin Bieber is diversified, which keeps the teen titan in the black but also apparently forces him to learn a little bit of jujitsu.

During an appearance at Macy’s in New York City to present his brand new fragrance (which is cryptically called Someday), he was accosted by a man who hopped a barricade outside the store.

According to the local New York ABC affiliate, Bieber was holding court inside the store but decided to head out onto the sidewalk to shake some hands and sign some autographs for the thousands of tweens who gathered to get a glimpse of the him but were denied entry into the store.

Bieber took a swing back at the man, who has not been identified, and was not hurt in the incident. UPDATE: According to new reports, the man in question was a plainclothes police officer who was attempting to help the singer and was restrained by Bieber’s bodyguards.

You can track the brief altercation in the video after the jump, but be warned that it’s taken from quite a distance (though it really captures the size of the crowd) and contains a lot of NSFW potty-mouthed narration from the knuckle-headed videographers.

Bieber’s other appearances around New York were a lot less intense, including his visit to The View (which saw him roll around the set on a Segway) and a drop-in on The Late Show With David Letterman (where he read the Top 10).

Neither of those ended in him being tackled, but considering he walked away unscathed, maybe his next source of income should be from MMA fights (just like fellow Canadian George St-Pierre).

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