Mick Mayhew
Aly Semigran
June 27, 2011 AT 08:22 PM EDT

Perhaps it was because I was going in with low expectations (as I happily admitted to you PopWatchers on Friday, I was going for the sole purpose of furthering my crush on Jason Segel). But much to my surprise — despite critics’ displeasure for it, including our own Owen Gleiberman — I didn’t hate Bad Teacher. In fact, it made me laugh-out-loud quite a few times, though reviews had warned me otherwise.

Was it my favorite movie this year? Hardly. Did it do any favors whatsoever for Justin Timberlake’s still-blossoming acting career? Not especially. Did it come across as a secondhand offering of the far superior Bad Santa? Sort of. But, I still didn’t have the same kind of contempt for it that others seemed to have. (It scored a rather unimpressive score of 47 on Metacritic.) For me, the film did its job — it made me laugh in a packed theater on a Friday night. Hey, at least it was better than The Hangover Part II, right?

I’m curious, however, to learn which panned movies you liked, in spite of their less-than-glowing reviews? Besides Bad Teacher, I’m also guilty of unabashedly enjoying the poorly reviewed ’80s New Year’s Eve flashback comedy 200 Cigarettes. So now it’s your turn to confess, Popwatchers: Which “bad” movies did you think were actually, kind of, sort of good? Vent in the comments section below!

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