Adam B. Vary
June 27, 2011 AT 04:59 PM EDT

This weekend, many audiences who’d bought their ticket to Cars 2 were treated to the teaser for Brave, Pixar’s next animated feature (out June 22, 2012), which looks about as different from the hurried rattle and bright din of this summer’s Pixar adventure as one could imagine. As a stirring narrator evokes the spirit of the Scottish highlands, a redheaded warrior — the princess Merida, voiced by Kelly Macdonald — rides her steed towards a mysterious collection of ancientlooking stones. The 60-second clip evokes both the 1995 Best Picture winner Braveheart and the work of legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. Check it out below: 

What is waiting for Merida among those mysterious stones could remind many Pixar fans that the film’s earlier title was The Bear and the Bow. According to producer Katherine Sarafian, however, Brave was always the project’s working title. “But we weren’t sure that it would actually last as a title for marketing the film,” she tells EW. “So we pitched it along with a bunch of others. We went through actually a few titles, and ended up coming back to Brave. Once we got it in the final logo form with the stones, it screamed, ‘How could we have any other title?’ It just made sense.”

For more on Brave, its Scottish setting, and historic heroinecheck out this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now.

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