Aly Semigran
June 27, 2011 AT 05:25 PM EDT

As any Friday Night Lights fanatic can tell you, Buddy Garrity — despite all his best intentions and unwavering devotion to East Dillon football — can be one seriously annoying fellow. But without uttering a single word, Coach and Tami’s youngest daughter Gracie Bell perfectly got across what it’s like to listen to Buddy yammer on. When the Lions not-so-subtly threw a pep rally to get Coach to stay put (the episode was called, fittingly, “Don’t Go”) and Buddy came over to chat up the Taylor clan again, Miss Gracie Bell (wee actress Madilyn Landry… hey, Landry!) gave a look to kill and earned the honor of our DVR Screengrab of the Day. In the pantheon of annoyed tots, Gracie Bell just schooled Royal Wedding flower girl Grace Van Cutsem on how it’s done, Texas-style.

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