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Aly Semigran
June 27, 2011 AT 10:30 PM EDT

Jeff Probst has quickly become the Law & Order of television hosts, in that he’ll now be on television at any given moment. It was announced today that Probst, who has won three Emmys for his work as host on Survivor, will now head to daytime television and put his hosting skills to use for a new talk show in 2012. As EW’s Dalton Ross reported, “The new show will cover everything from newsmakers to ordinary families in extraordinary circumstances.”

So, since it sounds like Probst’s show will be on par with most other daytime talk shows (unless of course, he stars asking people about their colons, like that meddling Dr. Oz) we’re wondering what kind of talk host should he be? Should he impart his own brand of wisdom like Dr. Phil (with the same Southern accent, if possible) or let the guests do most of the talking instead (unlike, say, the ladies of The View)? 

While Probst probably won’t fill the Oprah Winfrey void (although, perhaps Probst could still introduce all of his guests like thiiiiii-iiiiiis) he does have the all around-likable guy appeal on his side. Maybe his best bet is to aim to be like the Jimmy Fallon of daytime television and just shoot for a laid-back, young approach at an old medium.

Or maybe he should just surprise everyone and pull a Maury Povich and have a show in which his guests have to guess who the father is and if they guess wrong, they are voted off the island…of life.

But tell me, PopWatchers, what kind of host do you think Jeff Probst will, and should, be?

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