Jeff Labrecque
June 29, 2011 AT 06:51 PM EDT

Charlie Sheen is not one for baseball metaphors, so when he told Sports Illustrated that the script for Major League was amazing, he didn’t say it was a home run. No. Instead, the former Two and a Half Men actor said in an oral history about the quotable 1989 baseball movie that the script “was like crack.”

Interestingly enough, that’s not the drug the helped Sheen get ready to play flame-throwing ex-con Ricky Vaughn. “I was enhancing my performance a little bit,” Sheen told the magazine. “It was the only time I ever did steroids. I did them for like six or eight weeks. You can print this, I don’t give a f—. My fastball went from 79 to like 85.”

Though Sheen probably took the steroids just to amp up his fastball, a different actor might get a little credit for going that far to get into the body and mind of his character. After all, we’re talking about baseball in the age of Jose Canseco, and Sheen was only cheating like so many other ballplayers of the time. What’s more, from the tales he and his co-stars told, Sheen went to even greater lengths to replicate a celebrity athlete’s on-the-road romantic lifestyle. Perhaps the Academy grossly underestimated his commitment and performance as the Indians’ closer!

Does the fact that Sheen used steroids impact your appreciation for Major League? Do you feel betrayed by his 101 miles per hour fastball? Should the sport and Hollywood insert an asterisk in the box-office records for the film, and might the Yankees make an argument that they deserve the imaginary 1989 pennant? Finally, does this kill any chances for Sheen to get in to the Hall of Fame?

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