Adam B. Vary
June 29, 2011 AT 11:30 PM EDT

After last week’s heartbreaking and infuriating double elimination, I can’t help but feel a pang of pity for poor Ryan Ramirez. Yes, she’s been pimped to the high heavens; yes, she dances with a perma-smile; and yes, her dance-for-your-life solo was a crumbly piece of bland candy. But had Nigel and Co. sent home Jordan and Robert like they should have two weeks ago, this post would have instead likely lamented that poor Missy and Wadi just never got a chance to show off their stuff. Now I’m forced to note that Ryan goes into tonight’s Top 16 week with a big ole target painted on her back — then again, maybe that’ll be enough to let her cheek muscles finally rest.

Chat here about how Ryan and the other 15 contestants fared tonight — as well has how Kristin Chenoweth handled herself as a guest judge — and then come back to tomorrow morning for my full recap!

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