Hillary Busis
June 29, 2011 AT 11:45 PM EDT

(Update: The recap is live!) We’ve obsessively analyzed iTunes sales, dissected the finalists’ performances ad nauseum, and argued about Christina’s image issues until we were blue in the face — and tonight, we’ll learn whether Dia, Javier, Vicci, or Beverly has been crowned The Voice. Yes, that’s right: After just ten weeks on the air, The Voice‘s too-short first season is coming to an end. What? No, I’m not getting teary! There’s just… there’s just something in my eye!

Go ahead and discuss the show’s star-studded finale below; as soon as we find out who’s been named the winner, I’ll update the post with their name. For the record: A whopping 48 percent of you are predicting that Dia will be victorious, and 40 percent also believe that she deserves to win (though 30 percent think Javier should get the title). I think you guys are right on the first count… though if Beverly somehow manages to be number one, I might just do a celebratory chicken dance. UPDATE: So who won? Check it out after the jump!

And The Voice is: Javier Colon! He didn’t beat Dia without a fight, though — Carson revealed that the top two vote-getters were within only two percent of each other. How does everyone feel about the result?

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