Kate Ward
June 29, 2011 AT 05:41 PM EDT

If I was Carson Daly, I would state with about as much enthusiasm as someone reading a take-out menu to his roommate that tonight is the night we find out who wins The Voice. But who will it be? The understated, yet unique Dia? The loud and inspired Vicci? The intense and experienced Beverly? Or the gifted and hat-topped Javier? Going into last night’s performance finale, I would have said Dia had it in the bag, thanks to her iTunes-charting tunes. But after a relatively ho-hum duet with Blake and a solo that made the judges pay more attention to the background dancers than the finalist, it could be anyone’s game. Javier could reclaim that frontrunner status he held after the auditions after scoring with a well-sung version of “Man in the Mirror,” probably the most radio-friendly solo tune of the four contestants. Vicci was gifted the pimp spot, and perhaps Cee Lo’s bells and whistles during their “Love is a Battlefield” duet will translate to the singer winning the final-four battle. And then there’s Beverly, who brought everything to the stage during last night’s show, including a willingness to let coach Christina Aguilera pimp her own music. So which of the four will pick up the win?

More interesting, though, is the question of who should win. Should we answer that based on previous performances? (If so, then either Dia or Javier should be crowned the first-season victor.) Or based on last night’s finale? If we choose the latter, then I’m going to be controversial here and say that Beverly should win. Not only did she deliver the most passionate solo of the evening, but she turned Aguilera’s attempt to promote herself into a truly beautiful duet that had me thinking Aguilera’s genie actually has some magical sensibilities. Of course, thanks to Dia and Javier’s popularity, it seems unlikely that Beverly will rub the lamp and get her wish, so I’m left to think of her the next time I karaoke with “Beautiful.” It will be ugly, I guarantee you.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Who will win The Voice? Who should win?

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