Jeff Labrecque
June 29, 2011 AT 10:20 PM EDT

There are really two different Nick Kroll’s, the comic who is getting his own Comedy Central sketch show in 2012. There’s Troll Kroll, who wears flamboyantly grotesque outfits and adopts the slang of an urban caricature. (See: His Fabrice Fabrice character, pictured at left, a craft services coordinator for the sitcom That’s So Raven.) And then there’s Droll Kroll, the seemingly well-adjusted adult who shocks you with his depravity. (See: His incorrigible character from the FX sitcom, The League.) Both Kroll’s can be hilarious, though I’m partial to his Ruxin character from The League, a respected lawyer, father, and husband to a beautiful woman who would trade it all in at the drop of a hat for some $12 fantasy-league football trophy.

So it will be interesting to see how the two Kroll’s mesh for The Nick Show Kroll when it airs next year. If Troll Kroll wins out, as he might have to for a sketch show, at least Ruxin will live to loathe another day. The League returns to FX this fall, football strike or no football strike, and Kroll tweeted last night that the new show won’t break up the gang.

Are you excited for Kroll’s new show? Do you have a favorite Kroll moment from a film, show, or viral video? His six-year-old from the first season of Children’s Hospital gets my vote. “Are space bugs real?!” (Scroll to the 1:40 mark of the slightly NSFW clip.)

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