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July 01, 2011 AT 04:46 PM EDT

Laura San Giacomo: Chris Haston

The production team behind Jackass posted an online video tribute to Ryan Dunn, the daredevil who died last week in a car accident. It’s the first time Dunn’s fans can see the poignant montage, which was first played at the 34-year-old’s Pennsylvania memorial. Dunn, who had been drinking and driving, died along with another passenger, Zachary Hartwell. See the full video after the jump.

Dedicated to “our brother,” the five-and-a-half-minute clip features some of Dunn’s most (in)famous and hilarious stunts. It opens with the oversized-hand smack-down from Jackass 3D. Dunn is laughing and in good spirits throughout, even as he is covered in excrement, hurled from a rooftop in a bucket, defiled by a toy car, throttled by a female Muay Thai boxer, decked out in a ballerina costume, practically gored by an angry bull… the list goes on and on.

Spanning years of gags — even dance numbers! — the tribute is underscored by two songs, one of which is an original that reminds fans “he ain’t gone long ’cause he shines on and on in our hearts” and “God lets the light outlive the star.” Above all, the tribute portrays a guy who just liked to have fun and make his friends laugh — sometimes so much that his passion exceeded his pain threshold. The clip ends with Dunn laughing hysterically, with the words “we love you ryan” beneath.

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