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July 02, 2011 AT 03:31 PM EDT

Anybody find it funny that the season finale of a bat-crazy show about British gypsys and their lifelong quest to wed falls on the weekend that Americans celebrate their independence? No? Oh, okay.

Last night TLC’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding wrapped up for the summer with possibly their nuttiest episode yet. Mary, an Irish Traveller at the ripe old marrying age of 23, wants a wedding that will “rival the Royal wedding of William and Kate.” So she enlists the services of renowned Liverpool seamstress and wedding planner, Thelma Madine. How long is she given to organize it, though? Three weeks!

Check out some of the craziest things we learned about the wedding and the Traveller lifestyle.

1) Mary’s plans after marriage: Move into her husband’s trailer and travel throughout the country. Yikes.

2) The wedding cake: Big, pink and shaped like a horse and carriage. With more than 30 feet of icing, bakers Noreen and Jill made their biggest cake ever. The cake table was 24 square feet.

3) The reception venue was an animal shelter. Travellers have an ugly reputation for, um, trashing joints. So hotels and proper locales tend to politely decline when asked to host their events. So Mary’s party was held at a animal rescue center.

4) Mini brides: The brainwashing  conditioning starts early in the Traveller community. Two little girls attending the wedding wore replica wedding gowns to look like the bride, planting the seeds for potential teenage-wedding bliss.

Long story short, Mary, her dress, and its 17-foot train made it into the chapel and animal center (which was transformed into quite a lovely hall!) without a hitch. The venue’s coordinator did complain that the guest were way past crass, though. And, alas, it didn’t compete with the Royal wedding. No surprise there.

Did you catch any of the season-long madness? Could you imagine living through all that? Plan on tuning in next season?  Let us know.

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