Aly Semigran
July 06, 2011 AT 07:29 PM EDT

Sorry, Natalie Imbruglia fans, but the “Torn” singer, who appeared in 2003’s silly spy caper Johnny English with Rowan Atkinson, is nowhere to be found in the latest trailer for the follow-up Johnny English Reborn. The clip does, however, feature Atkinson up to his old bumbling British intelligence operative slapstick routine (He drops a cat out of a window! He mistakes identities! He forgets how to fly a helicopter!) while fighting off a machine gun-toting elderly enemy. The international preview also features Gillian Anderson, sporting an English accent, as a fellow agent and a brief appearance by Dominic West. The comedy, directed by Oliver Parker (An Ideal Husband, The Importance of Being Earnest), is slated to drop into theaters this October. Watch the full clip — complete with groin kick sight gags! — below.

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