Jeff Labrecque
July 06, 2011 AT 09:13 PM EDT

In case you didn’t know forgot, today, July 6, is International Kissing Day. On the long list of obscure, unessential social holidays, Kissing Day ranks somewhere between Handshake Day and Whacking Day. Still, everyone has a favorite kiss, like Campbell Scott’s character in Singles? He was enamored with Robert Doisneau’s “Kiss by the Hotel de Ville.” The VJ Day Times Square kiss is another iconic smooch, and when it comes to movies, everyone has a favorite. But rather choose just one, I’d like to share the heartmelting ending of Cinema Paradiso, which could be a commercial for Kissing Day.

If you haven’t seen the film — for shame! — the main character is a famous film director whose best friend as a boy was the gentle old man who ran the antique movie projector in their poor Italian village. The local priest used to make the old man edit out all the racy scenes, and the famous director fell in love with movies through those illicit expressions of love. When the old man died, he left the director an entire reel of all the kissing and slightly NSFW scenes that made the strict priest blush. It’s not just the kisses that make the clip so wonderful, it’s the embrace of love and friendship it represents.

Happy Kissing Day.

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