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New 'Muppets' poster begs you to rank the Muppets by how much love they're making to the camera

The international movie poster for Disney’s The Muppets (Nov. 23) features…the Muppets. It was a great call! The world is a rainbow of color.

Now that I’ve been staring at these beasts for a solid few minutes, I think I’ll rank ‘em in terms of how much love they’re making to the camera. 

15. Zoot
14. Beaker
13. Waldorf (stoned?)
12. Dr. Honeydew (it’s hard with him, but he looks ripe)
11. Scooter
10. Gonzo (seems over it)
9. Walter, the new guy
8. Statler
7. Rowlf
6. Miss Piggy (bed head)
5. Janice (not aware of surroundings, but feelin’ it)
4. Kermit
3. Dr. Teeth (bedroom eyes)
2. Fozzie
1. Animal

Hidden gem: Statler’s bunny ears.

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