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Tanner Stransky
July 11, 2011 AT 08:00 PM EDT

What’s that? No, it’s not Armageddon.

It’s just the rumbling from the internets that Rebecca Black—she whose most favorite day of the week is Friday— will drop a new single on July 18 (that’s a Monday, if you’re counting), according to MTV.

The song will be titled “My Moment,” and you don’t have to venture too far to guess what it’ll be about. That’s right, because she’s clearly been around long enough now to be self-referential, the single will tell “the story of her sudden rise to fame,” according to a statement. “It’s a fairy tale story, but it happened in real life.”

The video, though, is probably what everyone is wondering about, given that her first clip was so darn memorable. Will the video for “My Moment” be as intriguing? Sadly, unlikely; early reports imply that it will include images from her real life, like her attending red-carpet events and receiving an award at her junior high school.

But wait! There’s more: Black is also set to drop a five-track EP in August. Few details have trickled out about what that release will include. But we did get this little teaser from her earlier this year: “I really like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez; all just the fun upbeat stuff, teenager songs,” she told MTV. “My dream duet would be Justin Bieber. Even just doing something with Taylor Swift, or any of my favorite artists would be so cool.” So, basically, pop music?

Readers, are you prepared for the fun fun fun fun of a new Rebecca Black single? Will you listen or—gasp!—purchase it? Sound off below.

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