Annie Barrett
July 13, 2011 AT 08:40 PM EDT

You better work! Lifetime has the 20 new designers for Project Runway season 9 up online, and it’s bothering me way more than it should that some of their Facebook “like” tallies are exponentially higher than the others. Is “Gunnar Deatherage” a) a real person and b) the most popular because he’s the only one wearing shades in his headshot? Should I be wearing my favorite big-ass mirrorball sunglasses while I blog? Should I start a campaign for everyone who reads this to log on and “like” Becky Ross right now? I’d feel so good about that, but also dishonest. She might be annoying. You guys. Facebook is crazy.

Fret not: In addition to their headshots and early popularity counts, Lifetime has home videos of the 20 designers and portfolios of their past work. My early standouts include Fallene Wells for design, Bryce Black for childhood overalls, and Joshua Christensen for potential to be a serial killer. What about you?

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