Darren Franich
July 15, 2011 AT 05:01 PM EDT

Can you believe that there’s only one more superhero movie coming out this summer? Yes, in the wake of Thor‘s success, X-Men: First Class‘ measured good-for-a-reboot success, and Green Lantern‘s well-I-guess-it-might-still-get-a-sequel non-success, Captain America: The First Avenger will open one week from today. Anticipation for the film — which is simultaneously a spin-off and a prequel from a movie that doesn’t exist yet, a fact that I like to imagine would seriously amuse Jorge Luis Borges — has been building, and now Marvel has released three new videos, focusing on Steve Rogers’ transformation from a puny weakling into a mega-sized superdude, and also on his mighty shield. Check out a cool video of Cap wrasslin’ with Nazis:

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