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Mary Murphy
July 15, 2011 AT 02:26 PM EDT

Fans up in arms on couples leaving the show. Who were the stars tonight? Who slipped, in my eyes!?

As I promised, I want to address so many of you about the fact that contestants are leaving as couples. This has not happened in the history of SYTYCD. Trust me, there is no conspiracy. We do not have to do this because of the network or Nigel. We would love nothing better to see a mix-match of partnerships, since this is the part of the show where we usually see a partner shift.

We try to take everything into account when we are backstage on Results Night. As Judges, we want to make the very best decision not based on what the viewers favorites may be, but based on dancing. Which brings us to hard decisions, since we LOVE all of them. If you were faced with what I have to do, you would quickly learn you can not make everybody happy. Sometimes I’m not even happy. In one more week, it will be in your hands, and I say more power to ya! It makes me sad when someone says, “I will never watch the show again when a certain contestant gets knocked off.” How great is it that there is a dance show on air that has amazing dancing and inspiration and celebrates Dancers AND Choreographers? To make matters more difficult, all couples were required to do two routines. Just think how hard it is for contestants to get six hours of technique bombardment on their second day?

Travis Wall hits big again with two great pieces tonight. First was a Contemporary set on stars Jordan and Tadd. This dark, artistic piece was set ablaze with Jordan, The Vulture, when she took over the stage and took over Tadd. Tadd delivered another stellar performance, which leaves me shaking my head… How does he do that? Travis’ next piece was with Caitlynn and Mitchell. Caitlynn came out swinging with a smack across Mitchell’s face. The Judges slightly mixed on this, but I thought it was GREAT!

Breakthrough for Alexander tonight. He finally had impressed all Judges and has let down his guard. He was free and easy in his Jazz number and dynamic in his Paso Doble.

My favorite number of the night was Contemporary number by Dee Caspary, set on stars Melanie and Marko, with a simple prop — a light bulb. Dee weaved two master dancers together during a well-executed, passionate portrayal of light versus the dark side. The dark side may have won, but I felt privileged to witness such great dancers meet with such a great concept.

On the Hot Tamale train for the first time: Ricky Jamie, who just tore up a Cha-Cha by Louis Van Amstel, on loan from Dancing With the Stars.

Adam Rose/FOX

Now, onto the results, with three girls falling down to the bottom: Caitlynn, Ryan, and Sasha. Three amazing contemporary dancers — it really came down to the solos tonight. Ryan turned in a lackluster solo, which made our decision easier, and we were completely unanimous. It was pretty much the same with the guys: Ricky, Alexander, and Mitchell, two of whom are no strangers to the bottom three. Alexander’s solo was certainly not the audition solo that I remember. As a ballet dancer, I believe he choked and demonstrated terrible technique. I was the only Judge that gave Alexander his vote because I believed his body of work had been growing every week, especially last night with two breakthrough performances.

Now, onto the Emmy Nominations!!!! That’s right, SYTYCD received eight, I said EIGHT Emmy Nominations. When Nigel told me this morning, I burst into tears. I had no idea, since we have not been under consideration before. I was shocked! I certainly was delighted to find out that Cat Deeley was nominated, and I had my fingers crossed for that outcome. Congratulations to all out choreographers, Tabitha and Napoleon, Travis Wall, Mia Michaels, Stacey Tookey, and Mandy Moore!

Stepping off for now and I’ll see you at The Emmys!!!



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