EW Staff
July 15, 2011 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Book of Lies
Mary Horlock
This bleakly engaging debut, which takes place in the 1980s on the island of Guernsey, revolves around a teen accused of murdering her best friend.

The Dark Vineyard
Martin Walker
Police procedurals aren’t usually set in bucolic pockets of southern France. Nor do they usually star such charming detectives. But don’t let the trappings fool you — this mystery’s as hard-edged as they come.

How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly
Connie May Fowler
When a 30ish wife, mom, and writer is forced — thanks to some very unusual circumstances — to take stock of her life, the result is downright miraculous.

Mr. Pye
Mervyn Peake
Foreheads sprout horns and backs grow wings in this reprint edition of a quirky 1953 novel about the eternal battle between good and evil.

Simon Reynolds
Music critic Reynolds wonders if ”pop culture’s addiction to its own past” is quashing artists’ originality.

Unbearable Lightness
Portia de Rossi
The actress shares secrets about her sexuality and eating disorders in a book that’s often incredibly wrenching — but also admirably blunt and pity-free. B+

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