Mandi Bierly
July 15, 2011 AT 04:06 PM EDT

This morning, the name and bottle for Taylor Swift’s first “signature scent” hitting stores in October were revealed. The name Wonderstruck comes from a lyric in one of her songs. “I wrote the lyric, ‘I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home,’ for the song ‘Enchanted’ about the first time you meet someone,” she says in a release. “A fragrance can help shape someone’s first impression and memory of you. It’s exciting to think that Wonderstruck will play a role in creating some of those memories.” That’s the best justification we’ve heard for a celebrity scent in a long while.

Per the announcement, the actual scent, which Swift developed with Olivier Gillotin of Givaudan, was inspired by her favorite memories and smells. “The flawless beauty of freesia, apple blossom and raspberry spark a swirl of vibrancy and feminine allure…. In the heart, a sweet surprise of blissful vanilla is embellished by airy, sun drenched honeysuckle and white hibiscus…. Notes of golden amber and sandalwood are woven with a kiss of lush peach.” 

Even the bottle is personal to Swift:

A perfectly charmed deep purple bottle holds this enchanting fragrance. The iridescent rainbow finish, never before used in the fragrance industry, gives the bottle a magical glow. The antiqued gold charms that adorn the bottle were hand-picked by Taylor and are reminiscent of her unique style.  The Moravian star, dove and birdcage charms are signature decorative elements that evoke Taylor’s whimsical flair. The charms appear once again within the intricate detail of the embossed cap, capturing Taylor’s love of hidden messages. The carton is a modern day patchwork, homage to the many fabrics Taylor has collected on her travels. The finishing touch to the package is a gold embossed 13, which fans will recognize as Taylor’s lucky number.

I believe that Swift is creative and passionate enough to actually get that involved in the development of her fragrance, and that there’s something interesting about a country girl who loves to go glam that would make her scent unexpected. I deem this celebrity perfume not annoying at all. (The Wonderstruck marketing campaign can quote me on that.) You?

P.S. I also love that they chose to announce this magical perfume on the day the final Harry Potter hits theaters. Coincidence? The bottle is the eighth Horcrux!

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