Kate Ward
July 17, 2011 AT 11:30 PM EDT

Hey, Bookies. It’s Sunday, and you know what that means: Two more new players will be put up for nomination on tonight’s Big Brother. At least, that’s what we can anticipate, since, for the second straight week in a row, the veterans have swept Big Brother‘s unseemly floor with our season 13 newbies. But which unlucky duo will Head of Household Jordan put up for eviction tonight? My bet is on 13 and Shelly, since the former failed to follow the demands of Brenchal on Thursday and vote to evict Keith. Plus, they’d need to get 13 out of the house somehow, since she has a busy week of promoting Cowboys & Aliens at Comic-Con this week. But come here to discuss the happenings of tonight’s show — and Jordan’s nominations — and be sure to return later tonight to EW.com for my recap! In the meantime, let’s prove we’re professional enough for a career in medicine by sending inappropriate pictures to people who aren’t our girlfriends on the Internet.

UPDATE: I was wrong! The duo put up for eviction this week is Adam and Dominic.

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