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Darren Franich
July 18, 2011 AT 09:25 PM EDT

As part of DC’s company-wide renumbering, all of DC’s iconic characters will be rebooted, apparently with all-new origin stories that will replace the previous all-new origin stories that were themselves intended to replace the earlier all-new origin stories, and so forth back through the ages. We’ve already seen our first glimpse of Superman’s new costume, which EW readers greeted with a profound “Meh,” but there were also some mysterious images circulating of the Man of Steel wearing what appeared to be jeans, an “S” T-shirt, and a cape. Now, the New York Post has revealed the cover for Action Comics #1, which indicates that the jeans-and-T-shirt look is actually an earlier costume worn by a younger Supes. So, basically, the new Superboy looks kind of like the previous Superboy, but this time, his shirt is untucked!

The Post talked to Action Comics writer Grant Morrison, who explains that “new look reflects his status as a street-level defender of the ordinary man and woman.” If by “street-level” he means “hobo,” then success! But in all seriousness, Morrison has a fascinatingly unique vision for the Last Son of Krypton — besides writing the great All-Star Superman, he spends a chapter of his new book Supergods making an intriguing argument for why Superman was originally essentially a socialist hero. I really, really hope Morrison carries that argument into Action Comics, because who doesn’t want to see FOX News flip out over the fact that a Scottish writer with a fondness for psychedelia has turned Mr. “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” into a card-carrying member of the Karl Marx Fan Club?

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