Darren Franich
July 19, 2011 AT 02:34 PM EDT

Friends, juiceheads, countrymen: Lend me your ears. Did you, like me, feel like the back half of Jersey Shore‘s third season felt overly safe, as if all the newly-minted millionaires who comprise the show’s cast were playing it safe and avoiding conflict in order to burnish their brands? Well, then the trailer for the show’s upcoming fourth season has a message for you: Everything and everyone is descending into lawless chaos and emotional cataclysm. Deena wants to smush Pauly, Sitch want to smush Shnookums, Shnookums continues her neverending battle with the police, and Uncle Situation screams at Ronnie while doing his best Nicolas Cage impression. Madness! Madness! Check out the video:

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