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Hilarity, thy name is Jim Meskimen

Fifty-eight lines of dramatic Shakespearean text, delivered in 24 famous celebrity voices, expertly imitated in four minutes of YouTube footage by one side-splitting, hyper-observant celebrity impersonator. You could take the time to crunch the numbers, but we’d recommend that you just hit “Play” and be amazed instead.

In a promo for his comedy tour “Jimpressions,” comedian, actor and expert celebrity impersonator Jim Meskimen nimbly morphs from one celebrity accent to another throughout the course of Clarence’s long-winded speech from the first act of Shakespeare’s Richard III. Whether he’s drawling out “England” in a thwackety George W. Bush accent (0:35), getting neurotic about water in his ears as a squeamish Woody Allen (0:58) or name-dropping his famous father-in-law as a Godfather-ly Robert De Niro (2:31), Meskimen gives the freshest, funniest take on Clarence’s death dream we’ve seen… well, ever. Watch it below:

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