Lanford Beard
July 21, 2011 AT 11:45 PM EDT

Hey there, Dance fans, who do you think is on the chopping block tonight? Now that America’s vote is the final say in who goes home, do you Mitchell will have enough support to overcome last night’s Broadway debacle? Will Melanie’s fanbase keep her in strong standing even though her solo debut wasn’t as strong as it could have been? Will Tyce demand an on-air from NPH? Is there any chance they’ll dedicate most of the show to shirtless moments with Pasha, Brandon, and Robert? (Hey, a girl can hope!) Share your thoughts while the live show airs, and we’ll reveal the results at the close of tonight’s show. UPDATE: The dancers going home tonight are…

Mitchell and Clarice. Booooo! Are you as riled up as I am, even though it wasn’t that surprising? Was there any way on this green earth that Nigel’s patronizing speech made the two of them feel any better? How is Jordan still here? Were Mitchell’s tight clothes his undoing?

In much better news, we learned the all-stars for next week, and they are Ivan, Jaimie, Anya, consummate all-star Pasha, Lauren Gottlieb, Neil, Ade (yay!), and Lauren Froderman. Will you miss tWitch and Brandon (or someone else), or are you excited for some new blood? And what about Rob Marshall and Lady Gaga guest judging next week? What will be next week’s new electric blue merkin?

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