The Tree

Charlotte Gainsbourg | GRIEF STRICKEN Charlotte Gainsbourg in The Tree

GRIEF STRICKEN Charlotte Gainsbourg in The Tree


The Tree

Starring: Morgana Davies, Charlotte Gainsbourg; Starring: Marton Csokas; Runtime (in minutes): 100; Distributor: Zeitgeist Films

Charlotte Gainsbourg, with her sexy-sad knitted brow, is the right actress to play an Aussie mother of four whose husband dies of a heart attack. Shell-shocked and desperate to move on, Gainsbourg’s Dawn falls for a hunky plumber. The film, however, is more interested in the huge, ancient, gnarled tree of life that sits in the front yard. A symbol of the lost father, it looms, protects, and also wreaks havoc when a big branch collapses onto the house. Mostly, it’s the expression of a movie that’s content to stand still. C+

Originally posted July 21 2011 — 12:00 AM EDT

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