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'NCIS' scoop: McGee's grandma is....


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Meeting the team’s family is always a gas on NCIS, and this latest bit of casting is no exception. We’re about to meet a very special member of  Special Agent Timothy McGee’s family in season nine of the CBS drama, which begins Sept. 20. And the newest member of the family tree is….

Lily Tomlin!

The veteran TV actor will follow in the footsteps of Ralph Waite (who played Gibbs’ dad) and Robert Wagner (DiNozzo’s pa!) to depict Penelope, McGee’s grandmother. She’ll show up in the early fall. “We are very excited to have the gifted Lily Tomlin join us to play McGee’s grandmother,” says NCIS exec producer Gary Glasberg. ”We know she’ll bring extraordinary heart and pathos and humor to the show and the cast and crew are thrilled to have her.  But don’t let the word grandmother fool you.  Penelope is sharp as a tack and we’re about to learn some things about McGee’s family that have never been revealed.”

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